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One off special on commercial Bridgestone & Firestone tyres in December 2012

We know it’s been tough out there so Main Autocentre is taking the pressure off, We’ve negotiated an awesome deal for the month of November with Bridgestone & Firestone on their quality tyres to keep your staff safe and your vans on the job.

These tyre costs are drive away, including fitting, balancing, old tyre disposal & new valves fitted, the tyres listed will suit the standard sizes of tyres you will find on these vans & commercials:

Toyota Hiace (& some hilux’s), Nissan Urvans – Also check other light commercials in your fleet.

  • Best Quality - 195R15 Bridgestone 613V - $193.80 + GST
  • Better Quality - 195R15 Firestone CV4000 - $157.50 + GST
  • Good Quality - 195R15 Supercat - $133.30 + GST

Mitsubishi L300 Vans – Also check other light commercials in your fleet.

  • Best Quality -185R14 Bridgestone R623 - $138.80 + GST
  • Better Quality -185R14 Firestone CV4000 - $127.18 + GST
  • Good Quality -185R14 Supercat - $105.01 + GST

Buy a set of 4 tyres and be eligible for our special service offer of:

  • A Commercial Diesel Service for $168.00 + GST.
  • A Commercial Petrol Service for $138.00 + GST.

How to read your tyre size

Along with the manufacturer's name and the name of the tyre (i.e. Firehawk TZ100), there's always a set of numbers and letters that relate to the size of the tyre. Here's a rundown on what those numbers mean:

Example 205/65R15:

  • 205 is the width of the tyre in millimetres.
  • 65 is the aspect ratio or tyre profile.
  • R means it is radial construction.
  • 15 is the diameter of the wheel rim in inches.

What's a tyre's profile?

This relates to the depth of the sidewall (the wall at the side of the tyre). The profile is expressed as a percentage of the tyre's width. Eg. Our 205/60R15 tyre has a profile or sidewall that is 60% of the 205mm (width). A low profile tyre is generally 50% or below, down to as little as 30% with ultra low profile tyres. Higher performance vehicles are usually fitted with tyres that have lower profiles.

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